BOD for the month of April 2022

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 26 Apr 2022
Meeting Time 19:00:00
Location Hotel Spice Stories
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD for the month of April 2022
Meeting Agenda This BOD has the following agenda - 1. Budgeting and finances for the remaining two months and a few days, 2. Cataract finance to Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, 3. Happy Village execution, 4. Global Grant follow up and execution, 5. Conference planning
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 14
Minutes of Meeting BOD 26.04.2022 Host - Akshay Kendale Nitin Khirid Santosh Katariya Attendance - 1.Rajendra Satalkar 2.Bhushan Kulkarni 3.Vijay Deshpande 4.Manoj Ghodke 5.Snehal Ghodke 6.Lalit Bothara 7.Alpana Vaidya 8.Jayashree Deshpande 9.Akshay Kendale 10.Sachin Shinde(I) 11.Anand Shah 12.Santosh Kataria 13.Suresh Shinde 14.Nitin Khirid Minutes - 1. For the lack of funds - solution - three solutions - 1. To take loan temporary - 9, 2. To sponsor fellowship by BOD - , 3. To contribute 1k by BOD - with consensus it is decided to contribute 1000 by all BOD members 2. Membership fees - Main member - 17k, spouse member 8k - this aspect will be put in club assembly 3. Cataract 3.67 lakhs are generated. Total dues are 1.33 lakh is remaining. There is this shortfall - how to cater the same - to find a donor for the same. Everyone should search for the donor. 4. Happy Village project - P O to release and to freeze the terms and conditions and it is decided to pay 50% advance and 50% post completion. Execution to start from 1.05.2022. 5. Global Grant- Account opening documents are given. We will get A/c No. By Friday and then we will get the grant money. The grant is approved. 6. Conference - Registration group of Sudhir, Jayatai and Bhushan - role of registration is 3 hours. Then post that what the persons involved will do needs to be decided by the committee heads 7. On 1.05 11.00AM we need to reach to Marriott