BOD 1st meeting

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 30 Jul 2022
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Gupte Mangal Karyalay
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD 1st meeting
Meeting Agenda Agenda BOD 30.07.2022 1. Ganapati Project 2. GG Heart Surgery 3. Happy Village documentation and Cycle giving on 15.08.2022, its documentation etc. 4. Interact Club installation - SPM, Kamayani and NAV Maharashtra school. 5. Rakshabandhan projects - Morning - Sofosh, afternoon - Pitashree Vruddhashram 6. CSR projects in environment - Toilet etc. 7. CSR projects in Medical - Liver Transplant 8. WINS project 9. Creation of Menu Card for CSR Funds and donor identification and how to do it. 10. Any other Project
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 10
Minutes of Meeting BOD 30.07.2022 Minutes : 1. Bhushan Kulkarni 2. Snehal Ghodke 3. Shailesh Bhagwat 4. Yogesh Jagtap 5. Gauri Bakle 6. Jayashree Deshpande 7. Nitin Khirid 8. Manoj Ghodke 9. Sachin Shinde 10. Rajendra Satalkar Host : Nitin Khirid and Sachin Shinde (I) 1. In Ganpati Project it is decided to bring 10 participants by each member or to give contribution of 10 or to sponsor 10 participants. We will welcome Synergy Clubs if they are willing to give 150 participants. Pachgani Club if gives 150 participants, then we will go to Pachgani and do the physical event at Pachgani and we will broadcast on zoom from Pachgani. Nanded City will give confirmations tomorrow by 11.30 AM to Yogesh Jagtap. If Pachgani club is ready with the registrants, on 3.08 Manoj and Snehal are going to Pachgani and they will drop it to Pachgani. 2. 1400$ is the deficit. Bank details given by Charu wherein they can deposit in Indian currency. Rajendra to follow up with Charu and with Karandikar. Jayatai to speak with her own daughter. 3. Cycle quotation Nitin is going to take for uploading on RI and then Rajendra to send Email to RI to get approval of the same. Nitin to get the requirement letter from the school. Gauri to follow up for WASH training. She updated that they will update on 2.08.2022. After both training as well as Cycle donation, documentation will be uploaded. Auditing has to be done. 4. SPM interact on 3.08.2022 morning, Kamayani - 20.08 afternoon, Navmaharashtra will let us know. 5. Rakshabandhan - Sofosh in the morning 10.30 AM with the minimum requirement of 10 students. Names - Shweta, Jayashree, Shailesh, Snehal, Vijay, Sachin Shinde. To put it on group and to check for the confirmations. Co-Ordinator - Shweta. In the afternoon, to go to Pitashree Vridhashram, Kondhwa. As many people as possible. Co-Ordinator - Alpana Vaidya. 6. Environment Project for CSR - Jayashree spoke with Mr. Gaurav from VEGA where we have 3, projects, one is of Waste Water Treatment - Yashwant Kulkarni, Green Period, Bio Gas with Shaniwarwada. We can do Green Period - in this project of using reusable sanitary napkins to avoid huge waste created 1000 lakhs per city. It helps environment and also aids girls to be hygienic. Per Napkin costs at 400/- packet of 5 with the life of 1 year. Beneficiaries can be from Slum area and school going girl children. Waste water treatment project is of 26 lakhs. To send all three projects to VEGA. 7. Lover Transplant at Deenanath - 1 Crore project. Where 20 patients can be treated. Cost per patient is Rs. 5 lakh. Not to liquor infected livot but for ladies and small children, and remaining funds to be paid by CM funds etc. To put for voting. To check for CSR Persistant, Bajaj, Hali Burton, to approach them with this project. Project approved in BOD. To approach. 8. Dialysis ward - 48 lakhs 9. Happy School to be included in the menu card. 10. So the project menu card will include environment, Disease prevention and treatment, Literacy, Community development, Women Empowerment, 11. Wins - Bhor - Mukbadhir School, their toilets needs refurbishment. Project cost is Rs. 3.5 lakhs. To visit the school and check on how to do this project. Jayashree has the donor of 1 lakh. 12. We can even consider the training of nursing to women - Avenue Women Empowerment 13. Sarita Vidyalay wants to have CCTV. 14. 60000/- Hire High School - Note books, Bhushan to speak with Santosh on how much he is going to contribute. 15. Sonicra gives 6 months saplings 200 qty and gives bags and big bag to be replanted in the bigger bag and to grow the sampling and after one year they take that saying back. Children will have one trip of tree plantation where the children will see. Students will be given notebook to write every day on what they did to save the environment. On the day of installation of the interact club, lets to this project. 16. To do dental check up camp at Navmaharashtra school. To fix up the date. 17. Thalasemia - we have completed 3 years. We need funds. Bhushan - November 2022. Manoj needs the support to help in the project. We need monthly contributor for the project. 18. Machine worth 30k book reader - Rtn of Banglore, to be given to blind school. Donor is ready. We can do this project.