Joint BOD

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 28 Jun 2022
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Hotel Naivedyam
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic Joint BOD
Meeting Agenda To discuss on various aspects like membership retention, budget and next years plans
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 20
Minutes of Meeting Joint BOD 28.06.2022 Attendance - 1. Rajendra Satalkar 2. Bhushan Kulkarni 3. NItin Khirid 4. Gauri Bakle 5. Snehal Ghodke 6. Sanjay Satalkar 7. Nitin Khirid 8. Manoj Ghodke 9. Yogesh Jagtap 10. Akshay Kendale 11. Shailesh Bhagwat 12. Alpana Vaidya 13. Vijay Deshpande 14. Jayashree Deshpande 15. Pankaj Shah 16. Deepak Lokhande 17. Amit Shah 18. Lalit Bothara Guest 1. Milind Gargatte 2. Mrs. Lokhande Minutes - 1. Happy Village - to reach by 9.30 AM to Sonde Mathana with Vega to have breakfast. Then to go to school first. Welcome of Vega officials, to show the school related work and Nitin will brief about the project. Principal will speak. School children will speak of their experience. 5 students to be felicitated and 70 children will be given compass boxes. Then to proceed to the village. To visit the office of Grampanchayat and to inaugurate the board. Then to Primary School. Filter plant to open and ribbon cutting. Satkar at the shed. Gauri mam will speak thereafter. Sarpanch will speak, Vega will speak and then Vote of thanks will be given by Rajendra. 2. 16000$ above via foundation else direct. 3. Eye Check up camp - Riksha Sanghatana - Dr. Dule and Assistant - Food - timing to be informed. Beneficiaries - they will identify. - 4. 10.07 - District barber - from Sarasbaug to Vitthalmandir - fellowship and leave - environment aspect 7.30 AM. we will do both. - It will be decided. Snehal Ghodke committee head - with Jayashree and Amit - Police permission to check. 5. 8.07. Ujwala Barve 6. Hear Surgery - GG - Foreign club has shortfall of 3200$. Donor is ready to give in Indian rupees. But not in dollars. Therefore we are unable to get ahead. Alpana to proceed. 7. Cataract - 50k shortfall - Once we get the cheque, we need to plan handover ceremony. 8. Bhor school of children - toilet construction - estimate to be taken. If we get the donor we can do that. 9. BiLaws change 10. Budget Planning - to be posted on BOD 11. Dr. Kabra interested to join. Alpana, Amit to speak and see. 12. Liberal arts session - Alpana to get back to us with the 13. Mr. Shriniwasan is also interested to join. 14. Fund raising - we can take different options and decide on how to do it. 15. Signature project - to do long term - like for Sarasbaug - 40- 50 % projects 16. 30% can be small projects 17. 20% with some kitty and to have the on the spot project 18. To have menu card of the projects so that donor coming in will give as per the avenue. 19. Trust documentation and change report - 20. 1,30,094/- FD can be unfrozen and to be added in the trust and to be utilised. Consensus by everyone.