Planning Assembly for RY 2022-2023

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 10 Jun 2022
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Sarita Vidyalay, Mitra Mandal Chowk, Pune
Meeting Type Club Assembly
Meeting Topic Planning Assembly for RY 2022-2023
Meeting Agenda This is the 4th club assembly where AGE Rtn Sharad Dole is chief guest and in the meeting PE Bhushan and BOD will unravel the planning for RY 2022-2023
Chief Guest AGE Rtn Sharad Dole
Club Members Present 25
Minutes of Meeting Before AG Sharad Dole, PE Bhushan and his BOD unfolded the year ahead avenue per avenue about the projects, meetings, youth etc. AG also posted his remarks regarding the year ahead.