BOD meeting for projects and overall planning

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 12 Mar 2022
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location House of Mr. Anand Shah
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD meeting for projects and overall planning
Meeting Agenda BOD Meeting for the month of March 2022 is planned in the house of Mr. Anand Shah hosted by Rtn. Anand Shah, Rtn Gauri Bakale and Rtn Lalit Bothara to discuss various aspects of projects, AG and DG visit planning, budgeting etc.
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 17
Minutes of Meeting Agenda BOD 12.03.2022 1. New Education Society Letter of requesting financial aid shared by Manoj 2. DG Visit, documentation and avenue wise presentation of all the directors 3. Discussion on venue, menu etc. for DG visit 4. Happy Village and Global Grant discussion 5. Last time Rotaractor has stated about the “ghar” and their needs, how to go on about it 6. Any other upcoming project to do 7. Proposal by Yogesh about disabled persons support 8. planning of 15 the event 9. Gauri to update on teachers training 10. Any update on Nanded city club 11. New members induction on DG visit 12. Any other subject if any one wants to discuss Attendance - 1. Rajendra Satalkar 2. Nehaa Satalkar 3. Shailesh Bhagwat 4. Gauri Bakale 5. Alpana Vaidya 6. Manoj Ghodke 7. Nitin Khirid 8. Anand Shah 9. Suresh Shinde 10. Sachin Shinde 11. Bhushan Kulkarni 12. Lalit Bothara 13. Jayashree Deshpande 14. Vijay Deshpande 15. Amit Shah 16. Snehal Ghodke 17. Deepak Lokhande Minutes 1. Dr. Girish Dhadphale met Manoj and asked for help. Accordingly letter is been given by New Education Society. Manoj visited the school personally and the main need is fees. Global grant for the same cannot be done for this issue. We can do CSR project. Manoj spoke with Milind. Milind said to speak with BOD and Vega can help with CSR. To speak with Milind in Detail and if any other company is ready to give funds through CSR or Vega is ready to give additional funds, we can do this project. We can add Happy Schoo with CSR to have both refurbishment of school and finance to the children. Suresh Shinde Chairman of this committee, with Sudhir Sunthankar. 2. Prosthetic arms and limbs CSR is ready to give. Therefore BOD decided to do this project. Company is ready to give prosthetic limbs. Shailesh and Santosh Kataria are part of this committee. 3. PPT is shared by Alpana for the same for the documentation to complete. 4. Venue of SP College, Sachin went to see the same, but the principal called on Monday. MCCIA is ready to give in 8000/-. Mitra Mandal to be checked by Suresh Shinde for the better proposal. 1st priority - Mitra Mandal, 2nd priority Poona Marchants 5. Happy Village - 1st stage for Happy Village, forms are uploaded. In five days grant would be approved and then funds will be released by Delhi Office which will take from Vega. Meenatai helped in documentation and Sudhir helped in meticulous docs. 6. Global Grant - Heart Surgery - Submitted and locked with revised financial schedule. Foreign partner club and district also confirmed. With increased funds - we need to manage additional Rs. 1,40,000/- To check on how to open the account for Global Grant. 7. Let’s visit the place once “Ghar” and then to decide whether to do it. 8. There is a group of blind persona who collect money by playing band at Narhe. We can call them to play at the time of DG Visit. To take quote on people and costing. We can take it in a meeting and not in a DG visit. 9. Pra foundation - working for dependent on specially abled persons above 18 years. They need donations in kind or in cash. To check for the needs to analyse on how to do it. 10. On the event of 15th where we will be felicitating four women. Should we get Shilpa Mahajan. What should be fellowship for the same. - Paav Bhaji, Pulav. To check with the Retractor whom gave the paratha and Halwa. First Lady requested to get the Annets if possible. Fellowship should be prior to to the meeting. 11. SERA - Sanjay Godbole Guruji - Pasaydaan cha arth - he and his team Educate schools about Bhagwat, Dnyaneshwari, Geets etc. Gauri to share his video and info 12. Save Birds - We need to do it before DG visit - Sachin Shinde - Project chair to get all the details and costings 13. Nanded City club - 34 members joined, 5 new members joined. So total 40 members. Tentative induction date - 9th April - Bell, gavel, membership kits, color needs to be given - plus some funds for the installation - Bhushan to get the kits 14. New member induction - 29.03 on DG visit 15. Fund raising - Aparna Dharmadhikari can arrange for the fund raising - she has 4. -5 options - Post DG visit and Conference we can do it 16. New club formation - 15 members are ready - few more members would add. GSR is needed - Suresh Shinde - 17. Conference topic needs to be revised again - Sponsorship 10 lakhs funds needed for the conference - All the guests are confirmed with the date - To do group appeal on the group with the changed dates - 7-8 May 18. Career in liberal arts - programme to be conducted - for 12th students - to be done in April - proposed by alpana. - Alpana - Jayatai and Gauri to be committee members 19. Dr. Ketkar - previous member - Survi Paritkar - husband diagnosed with both kidney failure - total 10 lakhs are needed. 3 lakhs can be given by Deenanath - can we five some funds - they expect 5 lakhs - we can try to gather funds without committing any funds 20. Global grant for liver transplant - for children and women - per patient we Will need Rs. 30 - 40 lakh - Shall we do this Global Grant -we will need a foreign partner club - we definitely can try - We need to upload the global grant and start with the search. - Primary Contact - Alpana and Sudhir Sunthankar