Joint meeting with retractors

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 11 Mar 2022
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location Sarita Vidyalay, Mitra Mandal Chowk, Pune
Meeting Type Regular
Meeting Topic Joint meeting with retractors
Meeting Agenda With the two Rotaract clubs in this month of Rotary Rotaract, we are having joint meeting with both the protract clubs, Rotaract club of renaissance and Rotaract club of Alumni.
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 20
Minutes of Meeting In the first session, there was a meeting with the Rotaract club of Allumni wherein first everyone introduce themselves and then in mixed manner, the groups were divided and a game of dumb-charades and songs was played. Thereafter there was fellowship. Then there was a meeting with Rotaract club of Renaissance. Here firstly there was a session by Annet Aditya Satalkar on SIP and financial planning. Thereafter a rotaractor spoke about her experience. Then there was housie game session. Then there was karaoke where many rotarians, Anns and retractors sang alongside various songs. After that the meeting was adjourned.