BOD meeting for projects and overall planning

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 27 Nov 2021
Meeting Time 20:30:00
Location Google Meet
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD meeting for projects and overall planning
Meeting Agenda To discuss on Global Grant, CSR funded Happy Village project, any other project, to have better fellowship and better administration for weekly meetings.
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 11
Minutes of Meeting BOD 27.11.2021 Members present - 1. Rajendra Satalkar 2. Sahilesh Satalkar 3. Manoj Ghodke 4. Swati Sunthankar 5. Bhushan Kulkarni 6. Gauri Bakale 7. Nehaa Satalkar 8. Lalit Bothara 9. Snehal Ghodke 10. Jayashree Deshpande 11. Vijay Deshpande Points discussed - 1. For the CSR HAPPY Village project - at Village Sondhe, out of 11 lakhs available funds in the first part, we will do water filtration, Solar Pump, E-Leadning kit for the school, gate for toilet and overall cleaning and modification of toilet and thereafter Bio Toilets for the school and other aspects, Library, laboratory, computer lab, community/training centre. Object is to finish the first part prior to the conference. Gauri was able to identify the village. Parag was able to give execution plan and Milind is giving CSR. We will form RCC to control and check overall development and continual usage. 2. Global grant - Most of the documentation is complete. On Sunday Alpana, Rajendra, Manoj and Bhushan will be online and Alpana would upload the details. Thereafter Rajendra will approve and the procedure of application will be complete. Thereafter it will be for the District and so on for approval of the Global Grant. 3. RYLA - Hum Honge Kamayab - we are going to participate in the same. 4. Foundation meeting on Sunday - Rajendra and Bhushan to attend the same to get the certificate for the club. 5. Sanskarvarg - Snehal is going to do the same at Navmaharashtra school. Crafts and dance also will be covered and Gauri Shikarpur is going to manage the same. It will be online. 6. Nitin Khirid has Rice - we can do a project of rice donations in the blind school. Rice received from Jay Ganesh Group. 7. Anganwadi at Pasure wants to have Grill railing. If it can be done from our club, we can think of the same. 8. Sarole - school wants toilets being constructed at WINs. If it is possible for the girl school children, we can do the same. 9. If any corporate is willing to contribute, we can utilise funds in our global grant to make up the shortfall of 10 lakhs. Gauri to speak with Narendra regarding the same. We also can take help of Deepak for getting CSR funds 10. Fellowship - we need to finalise a fixed caterer to have better fellowship. Keyur, Ganpule and Naivedyam. 11. Four meetings - 2 speaker one experience sharing - one outside. One speaker can be online. Recent members should have experience sharing and to take in writing from the member and then to post the same. Meetings for the upcoming month should be predefined. 12. Pune Metro - Can be one meeting synergy. Bhushan to speak with Ajay Wagh. 13. One compulsory synergy meeting every month 14. Lady member - and other member online presence. 15. AG visit 18.March