Club Meeting Details

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 29 Oct 2021
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Sarita Vidyalay, Mitra Mandal Chowk, Pune
Meeting Type Club Assembly
Meeting Topic Club Assembly and induction of new members
Meeting Agenda In this club assembly, every director would present on the projects completed and the upcoming planning on the future projects on various avenues. Also at the hands of our chief guest DG Rtn Pankaj Shah, two new members Ms. Aruna Bakre and Mr. Jagtap will be inducted in the club.
Chief Guest DG Rtn Pankaj Shah
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 17
Minutes of Meeting Business meeting. Club assembly started with the meeting called to order and secretarial announcements. Thereafter the two members were undulated at the hands of DG. Thereafter every director from BOD gave their reports on what are the future plans. Then the meeting was adjourned.

Meeting Date 29 Oct 2021
Meeting Time 18:30:00
Location Satira Vidyalar, Mira Mandal Chowk, Pune
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD meeting to discuss various aspects
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest
Joint Meeting With
Club Members Present 13
Minutes of Meeting minutes - BOD 29.10.2021 Attendance - 1. Rajendra Satalkar 2. Nehaa Satalkar 3. Bhushan Kulkarni 4. Suresh Shinde 5. Shailesh Bhagwat 6. Anand Shah 7. Jayashree Deshpande 8. Vijay Deshpande 9. Gauri Bakale 10. Manoj Ghodke 11. Snehal Ghodke 12. Lalit Bothara 13. Alpana Vaidya 1. MOU document will be received from Deenanath tomorrow. First we will review and then send it across Rtn. Santosh Marathe. Once approval is received from Santosh Marathe, we can send the documents to USA. Sponsor of 15000$ stated that it is not possible and therefore we need to arrange a sponsor. Indian Rupees 11 lakhs. Also to seek the possibility of CSR. Saraf committed instead of 3-4 lakhs. To explore the possibility of synergy to get other clubs to join in partnership. 2. Happy Village - to have a meeting with Malunjkar, to get what needs to be done in Happy Village. Then to prepare the presentation in order to arrange a meeting with corporate. Project approximate cost is going to 1 Cr. The project is going to take around three years. It needs Global grant and CSR. Need to do the paper work for this project. To Involve Narendra Bakle to check the Civil work and costings to create proper paper work to be submitted in the Global Grant. We can upload the project on RI website to find partner foreign club. Committee needs to be formed. Alpana, Narendra, Sudhir need to be involved with Gauri and Suresh. 3. Even though resignation is given by Sanjay Shinde, to continue being on BOD 4. November - Suresh Shinde and Amit Shah, Shailesh Bhagwat, Swati Sunthankar and Sachin Shinde (I) - January, Anand Shah and Lalit Bothara - February, March, April - Gauri Bakale, May - Bhushan and Manoj Ghodke, June - Rajendra Satalkar 5. Kokan kala requirement - various stationery items. Budget of 10,000/-. Colour pencil, notebooks, drawing books, black board, sitting mats, pens. To be taken from Santosh Kataria. 6. Pra foundation has made 2 lakh pantya. To purchase 6 pantya per member to be given to all members. To take immediate action. 7. In women empowerment, Suewing machines can be given to the women from villages e.g. 10 /11 machines wherein training will be provided. 50% of the cost of Machine to be borne by the Club and the budget is of Rs. 60,000/-. The same will be matched by the company. It can empower women. Beneficiary can be women of Bachat Gat of Jnan Prabodhini. BOD agrees to do this project. It can also be at Janata Vasahat with Jyoti Dhamale. Training will be given by the machine company. It is decided to do it with Jnana Prabodhini. 8. Navmaharashtra School interact club needs installation again. We can do it on 15 with new BOD and can attune lecture on “Mala Bhetleli Manse” 9. Snehal Ghodke is ready to conduct Sanskar Varg for school children once a month. We can do it in our interact club. We cal also teach other aspects to the children. Committee to be formed for this to do the same. 10. 31.10.2021 District Event - Who will attend the same from our club. At Orchid. 11. Vinayak Inamdar wanted to join the club. 12. Trust - Accounts will be shifted to Prakash Joglekar. Since current CA sent email of inability to continue. Report of change of Trustee is required to be sent every year and instead we can have 7 persons in the Trustee to be fixed for 5 years to save the compliance. Manoj, Amit, Sanjay, Jayatai, Lalit, Pankaj, Bhushan are the names proposed. For five years. BOD decided to do the same. 13. From next year we can shift the club accounts to Prakash Joglekar. 14. To have for pubic Image, lecture of various experts on liberal arts by calling various directors of liberal arts. Club will not have much cost and PI should be focussed. Career guidance. BOD agrees to do that. Alpana to take lead.