BOD meeting to discuss various aspects

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 27 Sep 2021
Meeting Time 19:30:00
Location Host - Rtn Jayashree Deshpande and Rtn Vijay Deshpande
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD meeting to discuss various aspects
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 14
Minutes of Meeting Minutes of 3rd BOD of RCP Sarasbaug held on 28 th August and hosted by Rtn Alpana Vaidya Members present were Rajendra Satalkar Nehaa Satalkar Jayashree Deshpande Vijay Deshpande Nitin Khirid Manoj Ghodke Gouri Bakale Alpana Vaidya Ashutosh Vaidya The points for discussion were: 1. Computers, tables, chairs etc are needed by the school suggested by Nitin Khirid Each computer costs around 45 k and one 15 k ‘all in one printer’ too is needed. It was suggested and agreed that we need to give new things and not secondhand things. Nitin Khirid said the cost will be within 1 lakh. It was stated by Jayatai that 10 computers at ₹35 k each were charged by Rtn Tambe for Bhor school including transport, installation etc. Rajendra read out specifications of Tambe’s computers including GST, UPS and webcam etc. So we must take two quotations one from Tambe and one from Yogesh Jagtap. Nitin Khirid was asked to take specifications from school and present his report 2. For participants for any district avenue seminars the club will bear the amount of contributions for the seminars. Amount ₹20 k was agreed as allocated. It was okayed. 3. Nitin Khirid suggested a Touch panel screen for Hire High School as is their demand. It was stated that schools may close for third wave. So should we hold this project? It was again suggested by Alpana that Rtn Biren Dharamsi has the touch screen for ₹35-40 k So we need to enquire. We can ask Santosh Kataria too for his quotation. 4. Gouri suggested that for happy village project we must visit it on Tuesday post Gouri Ganpati after 20 th September. 5. Each month BOD shall be hosted by two members on the last Saturday. 6. Members stated that invitations for Utsav District Conference are still remaining. We need to visit the Clubs. 7. Regarding Financial literacy project Vikas Jhakune has asked Rajendra’s help for 6 days online training for school children. The charges per student would be ₹200/- We need minimum 75 students. Oturkar’s school was suggested for the same. Jayatai will enquire in Shinde High School too. 8. We are hosting a RYLA for Online Videography course. Very few have registered for the same. How to shoot a Youtube video including its shooting editing will be taught. It was stated by Gouri and Alpana that students will find it difficult to attend as two school days will be lost due to the workshop timings. It was suggested to change the timings. 9. GG heart surgery Community forms not yet received. Followup was being done by Alpana 10. Food kit for Kamayani school It was stated by Alpana that a 100 benificiaries will be identified from the school on their demand for food kits The cost was calculated as 1000/- x 100 students 50 for pune school 50 for Nigdi school The name of Ramesh Shah’s shop from Market Yard was suggested for buying the necessary items for the kit. It was suggested by Nitin that as some amount will be remaining from district disaster relief fund that we have committed to donate (1.15 lakhs) we can utilise it. It was stated by Kaka that ₹20 k as committed was not yet given to District disaster relief fund. Now when committed we have to give from ₹1.15 lakhs So ₹95/- remain we can utilise this amount. 11. Mother milk bank suggested by Manoj. These details have come as stated by Manoj As we started thallasemia ward we are asked to support this project too A monthly estimated cost of ₹60 k was stated for supporting the milk bank project The approximate details are: 300 bottles every month Total expense would be ₹40 k monthly Shall we give support for the monthly cost? We may ask 12 members of the club to bear the monthly expenses of ₹60 k so they need to contribute monthly. 12. New Education Society Agarkar High School Rastapeth has 100% bpl students For attending virtual online school the students do not have the infrastructure nor even the money to pay yearly school fees. No money even for a simple recharge of sim card. 500 girl students are there 500x2000/- school fees Its a ₹10 lakhs project. So the total cost of the project would come to about ₹25 lakhs