BOD meeting to discuss various aspects

Meeting Details

Meeting Date 05 Jul 2021
Meeting Time 07:30:00
Location House of President Rtn Rajendra Satalkar
Meeting Type BOD
Meeting Topic BOD meeting to discuss various aspects
Meeting Agenda
Chief Guest
Club Members Present 15
Minutes of Meeting BOD 5.07.2021 Attendance - 1. Rajendra Satalkar 2. Neha Satalkar 3. Bhushan Kulkarni 4. Suresh shinde 5. Swati Sunthankar 6. Alpana Vaidya 7. Anand Shah 8. Santosh Kataria 9. Nitin Khirid 10. Manoj Ghodke 11. Lalit Bothara 12. Amit Shah 13. Snehal Ghodke 14. Gauri Bakle 15. Vijay Deshpande Minutes - 1. Blood Donation - 11.07.2021 - at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital - Target 100 - Manoj Ghodke to speak with Sachi and Vikrant, BOD members to speak with members, friends, relatives etc. to promote for Blood donation to achieve the target of 100 persons. 2. Heart Surgery - initiative should come from Rotary - informed by officials of Deenanath - to give green signals. Alpana and Rajendra had call with Chari and had sent email to Colorado president - Raju - Proposal is forwarded - If there is gap of 1000$ or so, Charu has assured to manage the deficit - 8000$ are expected from the foreign partner club - Advise from Charu - to have constant communication - if not replied by 7.07 to send another email 3. Below Poverty line Vaccination - for charity vaccination - small lots of 10 to be sent with their Aadhar card and appointment can be given by them to come for the vaccination. - Economic screening team of Deenanath to check the status of the persons came to the center. - timing 9.00 - 1.00 4. Flash Mob - DMH declined for flash mob. 5. For vaccination at Hire High School - DMH gave consent to start another vaccination center. - School is ready to provide premise, internet etc. facilities, - DMH to verify - If response given to the tune of 2000 doses /day then only it is to be done. - Also volunteers will be required to be done and provided by the club. - by majority the plan was rejected. 6. PR Activity to promote vaccine drive at the event of District by taking all the Rotaract clubs - Options were discussed - 1 option was to do at DMH with the club, Sponsored Rotaract clubs and few DMH employees to have the Flash Mob - option 2 to have that as district event by speaking with DRR. 7. Plants and trees distribution - to call PMC to check availability at Sambhaji Baug 8. With the donor ready to provide for 2-3 crore, to strategise the medical project - one idea was of organ donation 50% concession - another idea is Inline filter for blood filtration post blood donation to stop bacteria wherein each filter costs 600/- so for non affordable patients approximately 1600-1700 to be given free of cost - Manoj ji to speak with DMH and Pankajji 9. Events for next two months - 9.07 - Ashok Ramkumar - IP advocate - Zoom meeting - it can be joint meeting, 16.07 installation, 23.07.2021 Jayant Deo - Synergy meeting, 30.07 Vyanaktesh Paralikar - Zoom meeting joint meeting. 16.07 meeting ANN meeting at Sarita Vidyalay with retractors - August - 6.08 - Anand Deochakke Zoom meeting, 13.08 Ann driven - Jayant Abhyankar Breakfast meeting, 20.08 Rakhi Paurnima at Sahajeevan Bhugaon with Karaoke, 27.08 Shilpa Naik terrace garden - Zoom, 28.08 and 1.09 Ganapati Making - zoom meeting - Shailesh Bhagwat Next two months - 3.09.2021 Anuj Khare physical, 10.09 holiday. 17.09.2021 Ramesh Bhagwat - Ganpati vishesh, 24.09.2021 Chaturthi - Atharvarshirshpathan, 1.10.2021 - Club assembly, 8.10.2021 - Anns driven meeting - Bhodala, 15.10.2021 - Dashehra holiday, 16.10 - 17.10 - trip plan, 22.10 Holiday, 29.10 Synergy Dr. Jaydeep Panchawagh - Vocational project - Kaka Halwai, Kelkar Medium, Suryashibir, Fund raising - Shaunak Abhisheki, Anand Bhate, 10. Food kits to be given to Divyang Students - Kamayani Institute - for 50 children - 11. Sai Guru Seva Sanstha - for blind and specially abled persons- who earn by doing Orchestra but currently in pandemic are unable to do so. - To check in the institute by going personally -Committee to be formed for 10 and 11 - Chairman - Suresh Shinde - Director Nitin Khirid and instead of giving food kits - to give grains etc. 12. Interact club formation inclination given by Kamayani institute 13. Single parent - Book notebook donation - 6000/- per person, requirement - to check on the requirements to be done - director Nitin Khirid and chairman Sanrosh Kataria to be in committee 14. Happy Village - Chairman Suresh Shinde - Visit to plan - Option Rajawadi, Gunjavani, Pasure, to identify the village by visiting - to tap district committee working on Happy village to identify the village - Gauri Bakle to give dates of visit to Rajawadi 15. New director - to add Sachin Shinde interior in the place of Vibhavari Deshpande 16. Involvement of Rotaractors - they are ready to contribute - 17. T shirt for men, jacket to ladies 18. Committees - Admin committees are formed. Programme - Jayatai, Fellow ship - Sandhya Kataria, attendance - Shweta Shah Sprint - Preeti Kadu, Anupama Juvekar, New Generation - Chairman Yogesh Jagtap, also interested to work in Media 19. Gift for guest - 400-500/- budget allotted 20. Guest fees - admin committee to decide 21. Hall charges half yearly to be paid - Kaka to speak 22. Goals to be updated on RI website 23. Lalit to contribute 1000$ for the joint Global Grant project with RCP Midtown 24. To open a new club at RCP Nanded City 25. Membership - to bring and suggest one member each. 26. BOD allocation - August - Alpana Vaidya September, October, November - Suresh Shinde, , December - Amit Shah , January, February, March, April - Shailesh Bhagwat, May - Manoj Ghodke, Bhushan Kulkarni, June