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Gappa Celebrity Mothers Shi

 27 July 2019
 Muktangan Sabhgruha
 Dr. Datar, (Tula Pahate Re fame Gayatri's mother), Subodh Bhave's Parents
 Celebrity Mother's interview.
 Synergy meeting with RC Katraj. After the rotary business we started with the program. Gappa Celebrity mother's shi. Subodh bhave's parents and Gayatri Datar's mother were interviewed. Ketki from Katraj club and Swati Sunthankar from Rc Sarasbaug interviewed the celebrity parents. Meeting was a great success as around 100 people attended the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the program . There was bonding between the club. Meeting ended with dinner at Nirmal baug sabhagruha
Gappa Celebrity Mothers Shi Gappa Celebrity Mothers Shi